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The New Data Capture Solution Developed Especially for Exploration Drillers

DOR can help your drilling operation to monitor and report on your daily operations - providing your client with custom reports with a click of a button.


DOR is designed to streamline and digitise the data capture and analysis of drilling operations.

Powerful Data reporting includes:
• Time taken to drill per meter
• Tracking of types of work completed.
• Tracking products used in drilling work.
• Reporting of productive vs non-productive time
• Reporting of downtime for various reasons: e.g weather, safety, site stand down.

Are you a drilling contractor still using paper-based tracking or old plod software apps to manage daily activity reporting?

The 4P DOR (Drilling Operational Report) software is a unique digital reporting solution for the exploration drilling sector. It was developed, field tested and refined over six months based on the needs of an actual complex exploration rig.

4P DOR helps you bypass human error, improving the accuracy of data collection and reporting. This enables you to deliver fast and accurate reports to your clients.

4P DOR uniquely enables you and your team to use customisable forms to quickly capture precisely the data you require. Managing pre-starts, maintenance, inspections and tool box meetings becomes far more efficient.

The clear view of historical information makes it easy to analyse data—time against function over cost. Identifying such bottom-line factors helps improve planning, accurately guides quoting work and leads to better profitability.


• Meters drilled / Time taken to drill
• Productive Time / Downtime
• Products used
• Equipment used during drilling (e.g water truck hauls)
• Inspections / Communications
• ... and much much more


• Customisable client reports
• Customisable dashboards / charts
• Start / Stop or duration based operations
• Define your own operation codes
• Offline use - works without internet access

DOR is the easiest way to capture your daily drilling operations

Both you and your employees are kept up to date in real-time about any aspect of your business requiring monitoring and management.
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