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Make Your Business Safer with Safety Auditing Services

Mackay Safety can conduct independent safety audits to help your business achieve excellence in your health and safety targets
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Benefits of Independent WHS Audits

Independent WHS audits are a useful tool for any business that wants to improve its safety performance, ensure its compliance with relevant health and safety legislation, and avoid the costs and consequences of workplace accidents and injuries.

Conducting site safety audits with independent safety experts provides an objective and comprehensive assessment of the business's safety program, identifies any gaps, problems, or inefficiencies, and recommends corrective and preventive actions.

Independent safety audits are not only a legal requirement for some industries, but also a smart investment for any business that values its health and safety outcomes.

By conducting regular independent safety audits, businesses can ensure that they are meeting their obligations, protecting their assets, people, and reputation, and achieving their goals.

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Safety Auditing Process

The audit process begins with a detailed assessment of your existing health and safety protocols. We identify any areas of non-compliance or potential risk, offering practical recommendations for improvement.

Our goal is to help you implement robust safety measures that protect your employees and business.

Safety Audit Reporting

Following the audit, we provide a comprehensive report that outlines our findings and suggestions. This report serves as a roadmap for enhancing your health and safety standards.

We also offer ongoing support and guidance to ensure that you can effectively implement and maintain the proposed safety improvements.

Types of Safety Audits and What They Include

Mackay Safety works with a wide variety of businesses in Queensland, providing safety audits and other OHS safety services to industries such as mining & exploration and construction. Our auditing process is tailored to comply with the legal, policy and procedural requirements to suit your needs.

Our safety auditing services include:
  • Compliance with legislative material such as Standards (ISO, AS/NZ) Legislative Act & Regulations, Qld Codes of Practice, internal HSE documentation.
  • Gap Analysis.
  • Periodical audits.
  • Internal system audits.
  • Contractor Management Audits.
  • Project Site Safety.
  • Specific equipment inspections / audits (e.g. drill rigs).
  • Focused to meet your specific industry needs.
Partner with us to create a safer, more compliant workplace.
We have a team of independent safety experts
Comprehensive assessment to identify any gaps, problems, or inefficiencies.
Smart investment for any business that values its health and safety outcomes.

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    What is WHS auditing?

    Workplace Health and Safety (WHS) auditing is a systematic examination of an organisation's health and safety management systems to ensure compliance, identify risks, and enhance workplace safety against a set of governing legislative requirements and obligations specific to the organisation.

    Why is WHS auditing by Mackay Safety important?

    Mackay Safety's WHS auditing is essential for maintaining a secure work environment. Factual evidence-based and reproducible auditing results form the foundation for effective hazard and risk control. It ensures legal compliance, accident prevention, and continuous improvement in health and safety practices within the framework of Mackay Safety's operations.

    What types of businesses benefit from Mackay Safety's WHS auditing services?

    Mackay Safety's WHS auditing services are beneficial for businesses of all sizes and industries. They assist in assessing the effectiveness of management systems, identifying areas for improvement, and fostering a culture of safety tailored to Mackay Safety's commitment to compliance and workplace well-being.

    How often should a company under Mackay Safety undergo WHS auditing?

    The frequency of WHS audits by Mackay Safety depends on factors such as the organization's size, industry regulations, and previous audit findings. Mackay Safety recommends regular audits, at least annually, for proactive risk management and continual improvement in alignment with their dedication to workplace safety.

    What does a WHS auditor assess during an audit?

    WHS auditors evaluate the effectiveness of safety policies, procedures, risk assessments, training programs, incident reporting, and overall compliance with relevant WHS legislation.

    Can WHS auditing services help in preventing workplace incidents?

    Yes, WHS auditing services play a crucial role in identifying potential hazards, assessing risks, and implementing corrective actions, thereby preventing workplace incidents.

    How can WHS auditing benefit my business financially?

    WHS auditing can reduce the financial burden associated with workplace accidents, fines, and legal liabilities. It also enhances overall operational efficiency and productivity.

    Are WHS auditors independent from regulatory bodies?

    Yes, reputable WHS auditing services operate independently from regulatory bodies to ensure objectivity and impartial assessment.

    How long does a typical WHS audit process take?

    The duration of a WHS audit varies based on the size and complexity of the organisation. Generally, it can range from a few days to several weeks.

    How can my company prepare for a WHS audit?

    To prepare for a WHS audit, ensure all safety documentation is up-to-date, conduct internal safety assessments, and communicate the importance of safety measures to all employees.

    Can WHS auditors provide recommendations for improvement?

    ● As a general rule, auditors do not provide recommendations or action plans. They may informally provide guidance on how other companies have met their obligations and industry best practices, however, to ensure impartiality, particularly as a 3rd party independent entity, they should not be involved in the system updates and changes.
    ● Yes, WHS auditors not only identify areas of non-compliance but also provide recommendations and action plans for continuous improvement in workplace safety.

    What certifications or qualifications should I look for in a WHS auditing service?

    Look for auditors certified by recognized bodies, possessing relevant qualifications in occupational health and safety, and with a proven track record of conducting successful WHS audits.
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