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Pool Inspections & Safety Certifications in Mackay

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Mackay Swimming Pool Safety Services

Swimming pools are a great source of entertainment and exercise. Your local Mackay Safety Pool Inspectors are here to help you maintain the safety of your swimming pool or spa, providing inspections, certification, and fixing any barriers or fencing to be compliant with Queensland legislation.

Pool safety non-compliance and failure to arrange inspections can cause serious penalties or injury to loved ones.

But you can relax because we make it all simple and easy.

Pool Safety Management
We provide a professional and transparent service to Mackay and the surrounding areas helping residents comply with all pool safety requirements with these simple steps:
Pre-inspection pool safety inspection checklist
Pool safety inspection
Basic maintenance and parts if required
Pool Safety Certification & Condition Report

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How much does a Pool Certification Cost?

The cost depends on which services are required to obtain swimming pool certification. If maintenance or multiple visits are required the final price will need to be determined. Sending us photos of the site will help us to give you an accurate upfront quote.

We also supply fencing and gate parts as well as safety equipment and signs.

Pool Safety Pricing

Inspection & Swimming Pool Certificate$305
Follow up swimming pool inspection (if required)TBA
Pool safety certificate (QLD govt)$44.26
CPR Signs$33
Magnlock Kit$110
Spring Hinge$33
Adjustable Hinge$44
Consultation (without report)$110
Shared pool dealsTBA

Book in a Pool Safety Inspection

Ensure that your swimming pool is compliant with Queensland legislation.
We’ll fix any safety problems with your swimming pool and complete the pool safety certificate in a single visit.

    Thank you for your message. We will contact you soon for your pool safety inspection.

    In the meantime you can download the Pool Safety Pre Inspection Checklist.


    Why is a pool safety inspection by Mackay Safety necessary?

    A pool safety inspection by Mackay Safety is essential to ensure that your pool complies with local safety standards, identifying potential hazards and ensuring the safety of everyone using or around the pool.

    When is a pool safety certificate required?

    A pool safety certificate (residential) is typically required when selling, leasing, or renting a property with a pool. It serves as proof that the pool complies with safety regulations.
    Private residential pool owners (not selling or renting) don’t need to have a current pool safety certificate, however, their pool fence must be compliant with regulatory standards.
    Pools classified as a ‘shared pool’ also require a pool safety certificate.

    How often should I get a pool safety inspection by Mackay Safety?

    In Queensland, residential pool inspections by Mackay Safety are required every two years if you are selling or renting, and shared pools (motel, resort, apartments, etc.) require inspections every 12 months.

    What are common pool safety issues inspectors from Mackay Safety look for?

    Mackay Safety inspectors check for issues such as faulty gates and latches, non-compliant pool fencing, the presence of climbable objects near the pool, and ensure that CPR signage is displayed.

    Can I fix issues myself after an inspection?

    In many cases, yes. If minor issues are identified during the inspection, you can address them yourself. However, for major non-compliance, it's advisable to consult with professionals.

    How long does a pool safety inspection take?

    The duration of an inspection depends on factors like the pool size and complexity. On average, it may take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour.

    What happens if my pool doesn't pass the safety inspection?

    If your pool doesn't pass the inspection, the inspector will provide a list of non-compliance issues. You'll then have a specified timeframe to rectify these issues and request a re-inspection, OR
    our pool safety inspectors have an unrestricted licence which allows them to complete repairs for you.

    Do inflatable or temporary pools require safety inspections?

    Regulations vary, but in many places, inflatable or temporary pools with a depth greater than 300mm may require a safety inspection. It's essential to check local guidelines.

    Can I use any pool safety inspector, or are there certified professionals?

    It's crucial to engage a licensed and certified pool safety inspector. Ensure they are authorized by the relevant local authority to conduct inspections and issue safety certificates.

    Is a pool safety certificate transferable between owners?

    A pool safety certificate is valid for the property and is transferable to the new owner. However, it's essential to check local regulations for specific requirements during property transactions.
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