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SWMS & Other Safety Compliance Made Simple

No matter what trade you are in, safety for you and your workforce is the top priority. And sooner or later, safety compliance paperwork for things such as Policy Statements and Safe Work Methods Statements (SWMS) is often needed as part of your job. Especially if you and your team wish to work on jobs from the corporate or government sectors.

At Procedures Online, we eliminate the time and headache out of creating SWMS, Policy Statements, Procedures, Manuals, Plans and more. We offer a variety of cost-effective, ready-made, Australian regulation compliant templates which are simple to customise to your own business. See for instance this video on quickly filling out your SWMS

Our aim is to show you the way through and demystify the procedural process so you can get on with your work. Our service is available and applicable to trade businesses and companies throughout Australia.

Why Us? 
We Walk the Talk.

Our founder Mick Storch had many years of hands-on trade experience across a variety of industries including mining, timber and agriculture. Over the next two decades, he established a thriving safety and project work consultancy which is still in operation today.

And this is why our templates are so useful: they not only comply with the most up-to-date legislation needs, but just as importantly, are structured to meet current client expectations. So the SWMS we use for our own successful business are also the SWMS we sell to you.

While we specialise in SWMS which specify task-based procedures, we also provide templates for high quality policy statements which set out general guidelines and intent for specific parts of your business; procedures which are documents outlining overarching company procedures, as well as OHS manuals and plans, and our proprietary internet-based 4PS Software to help manage the people, plant, process and procedures of your business, regardless of its size.

Made by Experts

Our procedures are compiled and used by safety and trades experts currently in business

We make It Easy For You

Are backed up by outstanding, personalised customer service

Safe & Professional

We comply with current regulations and content is instantly downloadable

Tender Preparation

Most of the above procedures can also be integrated into the preparation of tender submissions. You can save hours and days of your time having to prepare these elements of the tender yourself by using our customisable templates. At Procedures Online, we are always on hand to assist you in this process and even offer a full professional tender preparation service on your behalf if you prefer to outsource the entire process. You can purchase any of the procedure templates directly online.

If you have any questions or would like help navigating the procedural process, please call our expert staff for a friendly chat on (07) 4944 1272, no matter what part of Australia you are from.
We are here to help you every step of the way.
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